Picture gallery Open Ship frigate 613 Tarik Ben Ziyad Moroccan Navy in Kiel June 24th, 2022 in the Kiel naval base during the Kiel Week 2022.

Rare visit to the naval base in Kiel: The Tarik Ben Ziyad (613), a frigate of the Royal Moroccan Navy, has moored at the naval base in Kiel-Wik for the first time.
In addition to numerous German naval ships and international ships that had recently taken part in the BALTOPS 2022 maneuver in the Baltic Sea (mostly ships and boats from NATO countries), there was now also a warship from North Africa during the Kiel Week and the Open Ship at the naval base. And best of all: The frigate Tarik Ben Ziyad could also be viewed at the Open Ship.

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Video frigate Tarik Ben Ziyad 613

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