Shipping company Color Line

Color Line is a Norwegian shipping company that operates four ferry lines and seven ships. It was formed in October 1990 through the merger of Jahre Line and Norway Line.

Color Line AS is a 100% subsidiary of Holding Color Group ASA, the sole owner is Olav Nils Sunde. In 2016, Color Line transported 3.85 million passengers with six ferries on four routes, 1.1 million of them on the Kiel–Oslo route. A total of 913,676 passenger cars and 175,680 12m units were transported in freight transport (trucks). After 2014, a profit of EUR 46 million was generated for the first time in 2016 with a turnover of EUR 534 million.

Brief overview of shipping company Color Line

NameColor Line AS
RechtsformAS (Aktiengesellschaft)
HauptsitzOslo (Norwegen)
Anzahl Schiffe7
Anzahl Routen4
Beförderte Passagiere3,85 Mio. (2016)
Umsatz534 Mio. Euro (2016)

Current ships & routes of the Color Line

Color Viking198519.763 BRZ137,0 m24,0 m1.720490Nakskov SkibsværftStrömstad – Sandefjord
Color Hybrid201927.164 BRZ160,33 m27,1 m2.000Crist S.A.
Ulstein Verft AS
Strömstad – Sandefjord
Color Fantasy200475.027 BRZ223,75 m35,0 m2.400 (max. 2.605)1.270Kværner Masa YardsKiel – Oslo
Color Magic200775.156 BRZ223,75 m35,0 m2.600 (max. 2.812)1.270Aker YardsKiel – Oslo
Color Carrier199812.251 BRZ154,5 m22,7 m-1.775Santierul Naval S.A., Galatatz, Rumänien
Fosen Mek. Verksteder A/S, Rissa, Norwegen
Kiel – Oslo
SuperSpeed 1200836.822 BRZ211,3 m30,6 m2.315 (max. 2.400)1.990Aker FinnyardsHirtshals – Kristiansand
SuperSpeed 2200834.231 BRZ212,8 m30,6 m1929 (max. 2.000)2.036Aker FinnyardsHirtshals – Kristiansand

Photos of the Color Line ships

Videos: Color Line ships

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