Picture gallery frigate Schleswig-Holstein F 216 Open Ship June 24th, 2022 Naval Base Kiel Inspection of the naval ship of the German Navy during the Kiel Week 2022.

Join me on my little tour of the F 216 Schleswig-Holstein frigate, a Brandenburg-class (F123) frigate and built by HDW in Kiel in 1993-94. At the end of November 1995, the frigate Schleswig-Holstein was put into service. The class 123 (also called the Brandenburg class after the type ship) is a warship class of the German Navy consisting of four frigates. Here the frigate Schleswig-Holstein is moored at the Gorch-Fock-Mole in the Kiel naval base on the Kiel Fjord and can be visited.

Brandenburg-class frigates (F123 class):

  • F 215 Brandenburg
  • F 216 Schleswig-Holstein
  • F 217 Bayern
  • F 218 Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

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Video Frigate Schleswig-Holstein F 216

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