Barcelona: Alleged oligarch luxury yacht Valerie arrested in port. The 85-meter yacht is attributed to Sergei Chemezov, head of the Russian armaments company Rostec.

After several luxury yachts were seized by Russian oligarchs in France and Italy, Spanish authorities have now confiscated a yacht attributed to a person close to the Kremlin. The 85-meter-long luxury yacht Valerie, which is estimated to be worth around 135 million euros, was confiscated by the authorities in the port of Barcelona on Monday. Accordingly, it is now being checked whether the luxury yacht belongs to Valerie Sergei Chemesov, the head of the Russian state-owned armaments company Rostec. Chemezov is on the EU sanctions list. In addition, Sergei Viktorovich Chemezov and Vladimir Putin both once worked for the KGB secret service in Dresden.

Luxury yacht Valerie is owned by a shell company in the Caribbean

Finding out the true ownership of some yachts is sometimes difficult in practice. As in the case of the 135 million euro yacht Valerie, which was built in 2011 by the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen. The yacht is flying the flag of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, a small island country in the southern Caribbean (south of St. Lucia, north of Grenada and west of Barbados). The Valerie is owned by a shell company. There is often a complex network of different companies between the real owners and their ships, often also shell companies in tax havens.

A few days ago, Sailing Yacht A, the largest sailing yacht in the world, was confiscated in Italy.

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