The Bundeswehr sends the corvette Erfurt (F 262), the fleet service boat Alster (A 50) and other forces to the Baltic Sea and Eastern Europe to reinforce NATO’s eastern flank.

Due to the current events in Ukraine, the Bundeswehr will send two warships and a reconnaissance team to the Baltic States. This is the corvette Erfurt, which is currently in Wilhelmshaven and, according to the Bundeswehr, will leave Wilhelmshaven on Saturday for the Baltic Sea. And the fleet service boat Alster (A 50), stationed in Eckernförde, will leave the naval base in Eckernförde Bay tomorrow, Saturday (02/26/2022), with the destination Baltic Sea. The fleet service boat Alster is an Oste-class reconnaissance ship and specializes in maritime and coastal surveillance.

Warships and reconnaissance team for Patriot anti-aircraft system

In addition to the two warships, the Bundeswehr will also send a reconnaissance team to the Baltic States. It is primarily about possible support with air defense systems. The three Baltic states welcomed the decision, as Estonia and Lithuania in particular have been requesting support from Patriot anti-aircraft batteries for some time. In addition, a frigate will also be deployed in the Mediterranean.

Videos Corvette Erfurt (F 262)

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