Cruise ship Spirit of Discovery leaves Kiel on December 29th, 2023. Ship of the shipping company Saga Cruises in the Kiel Fjord towards the Baltic Sea late on Friday afternoon.

The 236 meter long Spirit of Discovery called at the port of Kiel for the first time and moored at the Ostseekai Kiel on Friday morning. A few days before the turn of the year there was another highlight in the port of Kiel. Because the Kiel cruise season 2023 ended on December 29th with a first call. Due to the time of year, however, there were no photos of the Spirit of Disvovery with sunshine and blue skies upon arrival in Kiel on Friday morning or when leaving and sailing through the Kiel Fjord towards the Baltic Sea. And a trip on the ferry to photograph the Spirit of Discovery at its berth on the Ostseekai from aboard an SFK passenger ferry was also not possible. The Kiel passenger ferries of the SFK (Towing and Ferry Company Kiel) did not offer any regular service between Christmas and New Year.

Nevertheless, there are of course a few photos of the cruise ship Spirit of Discovery during its visit to Kiel, on the one hand from the morning when the ship was moored at the Ostseekai and the Color Fantasy had just arrived in Kiel. And when the cruise ship left the port of Kiel at 5 p.m. brightly lit and headed for Denmark.

About the Spirit of Discovery:

The Spirit of Discovery is a cruise ship owned by the British shipping company Saga Cruises. The ship is 236.7 meters long, 31.2 meters wide and has a measurement of 58,119 GT. The Spirit of Discovery was launched on May 12, 2019. The ship is marketed with a passenger capacity of 987 people. There are 554 cabins (445 double cabins and 109 single cabins) available for passengers.

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