Open day at the Kiel naval base during the Kiel Week 2019: Open Ship in the Tirpitzhafen Kiel with a visit to numerous naval ships and naval boats – one of the highlight of every Kiel week for anyone interested in naval ships.

During the Kiel Week 2019, the Kiel naval base opened its doors to all interested parties on a total of three days: On the first weekend of the festival week (Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, June 23) and on Wednesday, June 26, the naval ships could be viewed in the Tirpitzhafen Kiel. Entry was free and access to numerous ships was also possible.

Most of the visitors to the Kieler Woche Open Ship are traditionally on the first of the three dates. Here you have to accept a lot of crowds, a lot of patience and waiting times if you decide to visit the naval ships at the Kiel naval base. Significantly fewer visitors come on the last day of the open house. Because Wednesday does not fall on a weekend day. But there is also a very decisive disadvantage: It can happen that the first ships have already left on Wednesday and are therefore no longer available for a tour.

Which ships can be viewed at the Open Ship?

Of course, every year the ships are also on site at the naval base, whose home port is the port of Kiel. Naval ships from the Warnemünde naval bases in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Lower Saxony are always guests in Kiel during the Kiel Week. There are also numerous naval ships from other nations, for example from Spain, Poland, Turkey, the USA, Great Britain and other nations, for example from Scandinavia.

The largest ship of the German Navy, the supply ship Bonn (A 1413) as well as the tender Rhine, mine-hunting boats and numerous other ships could also be viewed. Among other things, you could visit the bridge of the ships. Of course, you did not have access to all areas of the ship, but that is not necessary.

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