Sail training ship Gorch Fock back in the home port of Kiel. Return on March 25, 2022 to the naval base in Kiel.

Welcome back! After several months of training with stations on the Canary Islands and in the Mediterranean and with Corona cases on board, the German Navy’s sailing training ship Gorch Fock returned to Kiel on Friday morning. It was the sail training ship’s first voyage abroad after several years of repairs.

Marine music corps, several hundred guests, mainly family members of the crew, were on the Gorch-Fock-Mole, the main berth of the sail training ship, to receive the Gorch Fock and her crew. There were also a few spectators along the promenade Kielline Kiel at Sporthafen Wik, just a few meters from the naval base. After all, the arrival of the Gorch Fock is always a nice event. Because the sail training ship Gorch Fock is by far the best-known ship in the German Navy.

Photos Gorch Fock arrival in Kiel 25.03.2022

Video: Arrival of Gorch Fock at the naval base in Kiel

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