The Kiel Week 2020 has been postponed from June to September 2020 due to the current corona pandemic. The largest sailing event in the world will not take place at the end of June as usual.

The global corona crisis does not stop at borders and of course also has an impact on major events and maritime events in northern Germany. The organizers of the Kiel Week, together with the City of Kiel, decided to postpone the Kiel Week from June to September this year. The Kieler Woche is the world’s largest sailing event with numerous competitions on the Kiel Fjord and is also the largest folk festival in Northern Europe with a total of around 4 million visitors per year.

New date Kieler Woche 2020: 05.09.2020 to 13.09.2020

The form in which the Kiel Week with its numerous events on water and on land will take place in September 2020 has not yet been clarified and is not yet foreseeable. The organizers of the Kieler Woche are now faced with numerous challenges so that an interesting supporting program for the Kieler Woche can be implemented in September. But there are already justified doubts about the theme of the concerts. Because the big Kieler Woche stages offer space for several thousand visitors when musicians like Johannes Oerding or other popular bands perform at the Kieler Woche. After all, the concerts can be attended free of charge, which is why the Kieler Woche concerts are one of the highlights of the major event.

Hi I am Chris from Kiel in Germany.