AIDAcosma first call in Kiel on February 18, 2022: The 337 meter long AIDAcosma, the newest ship of the shipping company AIDA Cruises, reached the port of Kiel on Friday morning and moored at the cruise terminal Ostseekai.

Already in February this year the first call of the year will take place in Kiel. With the AIDAcosma, which somewhat surprisingly passed the Kiel Fjord on February 18 coming from Bremerhaven with the destination Kiel cruise terminal, an AIDA cruise ship of the so-called Helios class is visiting the port of the state capital Kiel for the first time

Severe weather reason for visiting the AIDAcosma in Kiel

Severe weather is the reason for visiting AIDAcosma in Kiel Just a few days ago, the cruise ship was in Bremerhaven and the first cruise for the newest ship from the AIDA fleet is scheduled for February 26 from Hamburg. However, due to several stumbling blocks and possible difficult weather conditions, the shipping company AIDA Cruises decided at short notice to send the AIDAcosma from Bremerhaven to Kiel. Around 7:00 a.m. the time had finally come: the 337 meter long and 42 meter wide AIDAcosma had first passed the Friedrichsort lighthouse on Falckensteiner Strand on its way to the port of Kiel. On its further way towards the berth at the Ostseekai, located on the west bank of the Kiel Fjord, the cruise ship also passed the Kiellinie in Kiel. And the weather also played along with the AIDAcosma first call in Kiel. No rain and hardly any wind, it looked very different the night before. And according to the weather service, the next storm is expected in a few hours. The time for the AIDA first call on February 18, 2022 could hardly have been more appropriate.

AIDAcosma: From Kiel to Hamburg

But now the AIDAcosma will be a guest in Kiel for five days before the newest ship in the AIDA fleet will leave the port of Kiel on February 23, probably in the evening hours. Then the AIDAcosma sets course for Hamburg. The AIDAcosma is scheduled to set off on its first cruise from Hamburg on February 26, 2022. The official christening of the AIDAcosma is planned for April 9th, 2022 and will also take place in the Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

Pictures first call AIDAcosma Kiel

Video AIDAcosma first call Kiel

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