Picture gallery Ships in the Kiel Canal and in the lock in Holtenau on March 17th, 2023 Cargo ships, container ships, tankers and a mega yacht.

In the Kiel Canal and the locks in Holtenau and Brunsbüttel, ships can be seen practically around the clock. With more than 50 ships crossing the canal every day, the Kiel Canal is one of the busiest waterways in the world. A few ships were again in the Channel on Friday, including the usual suspects: tankers, cargo ships and container ships. And a special highlight, because on this day the brand new Lürssen Megayacht 1601 was also underway in the Kiel Canal.

Below are some pictures of the ships that were sailing in the Kiel Canal on Friday, including:

  • Fure Skagen (Oil/Chemical Tanker)
  • Nordica Hav (cargo ship)
  • Munksund (container ship)
  • Symphony Spirit (cargo ship)
  • Finja (oil/chemical tanker)
  • Adler I passenger ferry / channel ferry
  • Lürssen Megayacht 1601 (more photos: Picture gallery Megayacht 1601)

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