Picture gallery of naval ships in Kiel on March 12th, 2023 at the Gorch-Fock-Mole in the naval base in Kiel.

This weekend, among other things, three naval ships from the Baltic States were guests at the Kiel naval base. All three boats were moored side by side at the Gorch-Fock-Mole. A perfect position to take some videos and photos of the naval ships. The naval ships come from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. In addition, the Gorch Fock and two other ships of the German Navy were moored at the outermost mole, the Gorch-Fock-Mole.

Naval ships at the Gorch-Fock-Mole on March 12th, 2023

  • A53 Virsaitis (Latvian Navy, Vidar class)
  • M53 Skalvis (Minehunter Lithuanian Navy)
  • M 315 Ugandi (minehunter Estonian Navy)
  • Sailing training ship Gorch Fock
  • A 1442 Spessart (Rhoen class fuel transporter)
  • A 512 Mosel (404 class tender)

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