Picture gallery Frigate Alvaro de Bazan F 101 leaves the naval base in Kiel through the Kiel Fjord towards the Baltic Sea on April 3, 2023.

Over the weekend, the Spanish frigate F 101 Alvaro de Bazan, together with other NATO frigates of Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG 1), were guests at the naval base in Kiel. On Monday morning the association left the Kiel naval port for the Baltic Sea.
Here the frigate F 101 Alvaro de Bazan is crossing the Kiel Fjord and is ambushed at the Friedrichsorter Narrows at the Friedrichsort lighthouse.

Soldiers from the KSM Marine Special Forces Command with several Boomranger speedboats had positioned themselves on both sides of the Kiel Fjord and were waiting for the Spanish Alvaro de Bazan-class F 101 frigate to carry out a mock attack on the frigate. The crew of the frigate “defended” itself with shots against the attackers of the KSM, whereby of course only blank cartridges were used. A few minutes later the exercise was over and the Spanish Navy’s F 101 frigate disappeared on the Baltic Sea.

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