Picture gallery naval base Kiel Open Ship 24.6.2022 Open house during the Kiel Week 2022 in the Kiel naval port.

Open house and tour of the naval ships in the Kiel naval port. It has been years since so many naval ships and warships have been guests in Kiel during the Kiel Week. And many of the naval ships can also be viewed at the Open Ship.

Of course, there were again numerous naval vessels in the Kiel naval port at the Open Ship 2022, which had previously taken part in the BALTOPS 2022 maneuver, an annual maneuver in the Baltic Sea. There were more ships in the naval base than there had been for a long time. In addition to German naval ships, you could also visit naval ships / warships of the US Navy, Royal Navy, Morocco, Oman, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries this weekend.

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Video Naval Base Kiel Open Ship 2022

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