For the 2020 cruise season, 206 calls by 44 cruise ships between March and December 2020 are expected in the Baltic Sea port of Rostock-Warnemünde.

After 196 calls in 2019, there will be more than 200 calls by cruise ships in the port of Warnemünde in 2020. Warnemünde’s numbers reflect the overall trend in the cruise industry. Because travel by cruise ship continues to boom worldwide and despite climate discussions, this trend does not stop in Germany.

In order to remain the leading German Baltic Sea port for cruise trips in the future, the Warnemünder Hafen is investing a three-digit million amount to expand the port facility on the continues unabated worldwide and despite climate discussions this trend is not stopping in Germany. After all, there is also substantial investment in the port of Kiel. However, Warnemünde again recorded more ship calls in 2019 than the state capital of Schleswig-Holstein.

206 calls in Warnemünde between March and December 2020

For Warnemünde, the 2020 cruise season will start again in March when the first passenger ship, the Boudicca of the shipping company Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, will moor. Particularly high passenger numbers and many cruise ships in the port are expected in Warnemünde between May and September, when there will be the familiar quadruple calls on one day each month in May, June, August and September. With a length of 330 meters, the Sky Princess cruise ship will be the longest ship of the 2020 cruise season in Warnemünde. As the last cruise ship of the season, the Albatros will end the 2020 cruise season in Warnemünde. The 177 meter long ship of the German tour operator Phoenix Reisen is expected to call at the port of Warnemünde on December 19.

Of course, AIDA cruise ships will again be on display in Warnemünde in 2020. The shipping company will call at the Warnemünde cruise port with a total of three of its cruise ships.

Warnemünde west pier & Warnemünde lighthouse

Warnemünde west pier & Warnemünde lighthouse

More calls and passengers in Warnemünde than in Kiel

In the past 2019 cruise season, Warnemünde was again able to record more calls by cruise ships and a higher number of passengers than Kiel. Although the port of Kiel was able to further increase calls and passengers in 2019, the port of Kiel recorded a total of “only” 174 calls and 800,000 passengers in 2019.

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