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Frigate Rheinland-Pfalz (F 225) at the Kiel naval base

The new frigate Rheinland-Pfalz (F 225) of the German Navy at the naval base in Kiel - the warship not yet in service is expected to be handed over to the German Navy in [...]

Open Ship 2019 Tirpitzhafen Kiel

Open day at the Kiel naval base during the Kiel Week 2019: Open Ship in the Tirpitzhafen Kiel with a visit to numerous naval ships and naval boats - one of the highlight of [...]

BALTOPS 2019: Navy ships in the Kiel Fjord on their way to maneuvers in the Baltic Sea

BALTOPS 2019: Numerous naval ships are leaving the Kiel naval base in the Kiel Fjord and are on their way to the BALTOPS maneuver in the Baltic Sea. The annual Baltic maneuver BALTOPS (Baltic [...]

On the way with the SFK ferry “Falckenstein” on the Kiel Fjord

Harbor tour in Kiel - On the way with the SFK ferry "Falckenstein" on the Kiel Fjord from the Reventlou pier to the Falckensteiner Beach and back to Kiel. It's time again for a [...]