Picture gallery Naval ship A 531 Nordkapp Norwegian Navy in Kiel Flagship of the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 1 in the naval base in Kiel.

At the weekend, the standing NATO mine countermeasures association SNMCMG 1 was a guest at the Kiel naval base. The ships, led by the A 531 Nordkapp, left the naval base in Kiel on Monday morning. Here is the Nordkapp (A 531) on Sunday afternoon at the Gorch-Fock-Mole in Kiel between the sailing training ship Gorch Fock and two minehunters. And on Monday, when the Nordkapp left Kiel for the Baltic Sea, you could take good pictures of the naval ships passing by from the Falckenstein beach height lighthouse. The Nordkapp is the lead ship of the Nordkapp class of the same name, a series of three deep-sea patrol ships of the Norwegian Coast Guard.

Nordkapp class units:

  • A 531 North Cape (formerly W 320)
  • W 321 Senja
  • W 322 Andenes

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