Picture gallery M 1063 Bad Bevensen Minehunter passes the Kiel Canal. The naval vessel passed the canal together with three other naval vessels on February 8th, 2022.

The Bad Bevensen (M 1063) is a Frankenthal-class minehunter of the German Navy. The main task of a minesweeper is to search for and destroy sea mines. Because of their equipment, the boats are also able to carry out an accurate mapping of the seabed; it can e.g. B. Wreck parts are located in order to note them for shipping. In addition to mine clearance, the boats are also able to serve as mine throwing platforms.

The minehunter Bad Bevensen is 54.4 meters long, 9.2 meters wide and was commissioned in 1993.

Shipspotting Location: Kiel, Lock Viewing Platform Kiel-Wik on Kiel Canal

Video M 1063 Bad Bevensen mine hunter

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