Consequences of the corona pandemic: Kiel Week & Windjammer Parade 2021 postponed from June to September. As in the previous year, the major event in the state capital Kiel will be postponed by a few months.

The city of Kiel has announced that this year’s Kiel Week and thus also the Windjammer Parade 2021 will be postponed from June to September, as in the previous year. The reason is the ongoing corona pandemic. COVID-19 will not allow the Kiel Week with its numerous individual events on water and on land to take place in 2021 either.

The international sailing event and world-famous summer festival will now take place from September 4th to September 12th, 2021. And one of the maritime highlights of every Kiel Week, the windjammer parade in the Kiel Fjord, will not take place until September.

It is now a little too early to make an exact forecast of the type and scope of the Kiel Week and possible individual events, such as concerts. Too many unknown variables, such as the corona infection in September, of course, also make planning more difficult for the organizers of the Kieler Woche.

But the city of Kiel is optimistic and hopes that there will be more events during the Kieler Woche 2021 than the previous year during the Kieler Woche 2020. Despite all the optimism and improved security concepts, it should be clear to everyone that there will be no concerts with thousands of spectators in September either.

Hi I am Chris from Kiel in Germany.