Bildergalerie nach Kollision im Nord-Ostsee-Kanal: Frachtschiff Bjoerkoe schwer beschädigt im nahe gelegenen Scheerhafen Kiel.

Damage in the Kiel Canal near the Levensau high bridge near Kiel-Holtenau. Two freighters collided head-on on Tuesday morning (March 29, 2022) and blocked the 98-kilometer-long canal, one of the world’s busiest artificial waterways, through which more than 32,000 ships pass each year. The 82-metre-long freighter PAIVI and the 107-metre-long freighter BJOERKOE, which can be seen here in the photos and in the video attached below, were involved in the accident in the Kiel Canal Scheerhafen was towed.

News from the port of Kiel and the Kiel Canal

Video Bjoerkoe cargo ship

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