AIDAprima in Kiel on April 29, 2022: Arrival of the cruise ship at the Ostseekai cruise terminal in the morning & leaving the port of Kiel in the evening.

With the 300 meter long AIDAprima, the next cruise ship of the shipping company AIDA Cruises called at the port of Kiel on Friday. A little earlier than expected, around 6 a.m. on Friday morning, the AIDaprima passed the Kiel Fjord on its way to the berth at the Ostseekai. The cruise ship has arrived from Stavanger in Norway and spent a few hours in the port of Kiel at the Ostseekai berth on Monday, April 29th. Before the AIDA cruise ship was moored at the Ostseekai, the AIDAprima completed a turn in the Kiel Fjord between its berth at the Ostseekai and the Reventlou Bridge.

Towards evening, a few minutes after 6 p.m., the time had come: The AIDAprima left its berth at the Ostseekai in Kiel and set course for the Baltic Sea with its next destination Copenhagen in Denmark. Cast off and the ship’s horn sounded the signal to say goodbye to the port of Kiel. But before that, the 300 meter long cruise ship will pass the Kiel Fjord, always parallel to the Kiellinie, Kiel´s promenade along the Kiel Fjord.

In the following video of the AIDAprima leaving the port of Kiel on April 29, 2022, some rowing boats are on the move again on Friday evening and the SFK ferry on its way from the Reventlou pier towards Schwentine on the opposite side of the fjord crosses the path of the AIDAprima and is to be seen in the video.

Photos and videos were once again made from the Reventlou Bridge. From here you have a very good view of the Ostseekai and the cruise ships that call at their berth there or leave again in the evening. Here on the Reventlou bridge is also the Reventlou pier of the SFK Kiel ferry line F1 and the Schwentineline F2.

About the cruise ship AIDAprima

  • Commissioning: March 14, 2016
  • Flag: Italy
  • Length: 299.95 meters
  • Width: 37.65 meters
  • Permitted number of passengers: approx. 4,350
  • Register number: IMO 9636955

Pictures AIDAprima in Kiel on April 29th, 2022

Videos AIDAprima in Kiel

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