Picture gallery Frigate Hessen (F 221) leaves Kiel for the Baltic Sea after a short visit to the naval base in Kiel.

The navy ship Hessen was a guest at the Kiel-Wik naval base from March 18, 2022 to March 20, 2022 and left the naval port on Sunday afternoon for the Baltic Sea and Lübeck Bay. The frigate Hessen (F 221) entered service with the German Navy in 2006 as the third ship of the Sachsen class.
Wilhelmshaven is the home port of the three naval ships frigate Sachsen (F 219), frigate Hamburg (F 220) and frigate Hessen (F 221).

Videos and photos of the Hessen, while the naval ship passes the Kieler Förde, were again created from the west bank of the Kieler Förde at Falckensteiner Strand near the Friedrichsort lighthouse.

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Video F 221 Frigate Hessen

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