Corona on board: Tui Mein Schiff 6 cancels cruise in Dubai. Return flights are organized for the passengers by the shipping company Tui Cruises.

Due to some corona cases on board the Tui cruise ship Mein Schiff 6, the shipping company Tui Cruises has decided to cancel the trip in Dubai. According to Tui Cruises, it is a precautionary measure to protect the around 2,000 passengers and of course the crew of the ship. For most passengers, the cruise would have ended in Dubai anyway. However, the interruption of the trip also affects numerous guests who had booked a connecting cruise. And of course all passengers who actually wanted to get on board in Dubai. According to Tui Cruises, the unplanned stop in Dubai only affects the current cruise, which should actually have lasted until January 10th.

The extended 2G model applies to Tui Mein Schiff 6

According to the shipping company, an extended 2G model applies to the Tui cruise ships and thus also to Mein Schiff 6. The crew and all passengers aged 12 and over are fully vaccinated and regularly tested. The close-knit controls and corona tests therefore apply to all passengers and the crew.

Cancellation of cruises unsettles travelers

Mein Schiff 6 of the shipping company Tui Cruises is currently not the only cruise ship that has to interrupt a trip due to corona cases on board. Just a few days ago, the AIDAnova cruise of the AIDA Cruises shipping company was canceled in Lisbon, also due to COVID-19 on board. Accordingly, the uncertainty surrounding the topic of cruises has recently risen again. The industry association is trying to appease and explains that cruises are still safe and that the shipping companies have established functioning safety and hygiene concepts.

Video: Mein Schiff 6

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