Submarine U 17 in Kiel Transport through the Kiel Canal on April 29, 2023 via Rotterdam into the Rhine to the Sinsheim Technology Museum.

Last voyage for the U 17, a class 206 A submarine of the German Navy, which was decommissioned in 2006. This is where the long journey for the 48.6 meter long and 4.6 meter wide submarine U 17 starts in Kiel on a pontoon and the two tugboats Teddy and Noorcat. The U 17 is expected to arrive at the Technology Museum in Sinsheim at the end of May 2023, i.e. in around a month, and will be presented there to museum visitors in the future.

Historical last voyage of the U 17 submarine built by HDW in Kiel, taken on April 29, 2023 in Kiel on the Kiel Fjord and on the banks of the Kiel Canal in Kiel-Wik.

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